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Robin Hood on BBC1

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I thought, it will be worse.
This serial is a usual modern insurgent with special effects and use of known names for attraction of an audience. It's not  Robin Hood.  :/



There are two new longer trailers. One about Robin and one about the Sheriff. You can find them here:
on top of the page under "Character longer trailers"

And there's quite a nice interview with Richard Armitage about his role as Guy of Gisborne (it seems to be a really interesting part)  :paladin: on the BBC-programme info page, where he describes Guy as a kind of anti-hero: … hood.shtml



I thank for a links . Unfortunately, no trailers will force me to accept Robin in this version. :/  But I still hope to see worthy Gisborne.  :paladin:



Well, I did find Robin quite funny in the trailer. Perhaps he will be better, when one could see more of him...  :elf: *still hoping*

There's some more:
A review of BBC Nottingham for the first episode: … ture.shtml

The story line of the first episode: … _robinhood

And the second episode: … _robinhood

And Richard Armitage has read four audiobooks about Robin Hood (obviously the first four episodes), as you can see here: … robin+hood
or in detail here:;bklist=<venda_bklist1>;bklist=<venda_bklist1>;bklist=<venda_bklist1>;bklist=<venda_bklist1>



Descriptions of series are not deprived interest. But I doubt, it will look well on the screen. In descriptions I have seen stamps, concerning  Skarlett's   family and cruelty of Gisborne.
Robin  is amusing, but  he isn't  hero. He looks similarly to the boy plays Robin Hood.

Richard still causes interest.



I have read interview. I knew,  Richard likes the ROS. He wanted to be as  Robin Hood. :) 
Concerning a role of sir  Guy in the new version. I have understood, he is an embodiment of evil. The antihero opposed  Robin - hero.
Let's wait



Here are some more articles from several todays TV magazines (some of them mentioning Richard and his portrayal of GoG i-m_so_happy: ):



He is so lovely  :heart:



I was chatting with my two lads (8 and 12) yesterayd in the car about the new RH series. Both have been 'subjected' to RoS and are now putting up with being quiet through this series of RH. Both boys shoot and would have an interest in Robin Hood. The basic comment was they really enjoyed RoS, although quite scary in places. The new RH is ok and a bit of fun, but even my 12 year old has problems suspended belief as much as is expected from the series producers.

Some-one has already mentioned the US series The New Adventures of Robin Hood, coincidentally I was chatting to a friend pre-screening of the current series and it was decided that this would be of the New ADventure, Xena, Hercukes ilk. So I guess we were not to far off the mark and had a low brow enough expectation of this series - a shame really as the Beeb has a reputation for doing some good hsitorical dramas.

Take care and good luck.




I have decided to show this review completely. What do you think of it?

Charlie Brooker's screen burn 

Charlie Brooker
Saturday October 14, 2006

Life expectancy was poor in medieval times. There were wars all over the place - not nice clean modern wars, with laser-targeted superbullets that dock points from your Nectar account instead of killing you, but sweaty, close-combat wars in which boggle-eyed beardos with hardly any teeth battered you with clubs, or hacked bits of limb off you with swords, leaving you thrashing about in the hay squirting blood from your stumps like a shrieking Bayeux tapestry bitch.
If you managed to avoid that, lack of hygiene would get you. All the food was germ-flavoured, and the plates were discs of dried cow shit, hammered flat and baked in the sun. You get the picture. Things weren't nice.

Anyway, this is the world Robin Hood (Sat, 7pm, BBC1) doesn't even try to bring to life. Instead, the BBC's new interpretation plays like a cross between a low-budget Pirates Of The Caribbean and an Arctic Monkeys video. And clearly this has offended a sizeable section of the viewing public, who are flooding messageboards with complaints that the show is "too modern", and "too crap", but mostly "too unlike the ITV version".

Well I was never a fan of the ITV version; I couldn't abide the mystical Herne the Hunter guff, thought the Clannad theme tune sounded like they were singing about "rubbin' ... the hooded man" (far too rude for Saturday teatime), and hated the stupid hair. (Bizarrely, many of the people citing ITV's Michael Praed as the definitive Hood find the haircuts in the new version outrageous - as though Praed's flowing Timotei ladylocks represented the last word in hard-edged realism.)

Anyway: Hood 2006 is a curate's egg. On the one hand, it's heartening to see another ambitious family drama in the family teatime slot. On the other... well, it's all over the place, isn't it? At its worst, it's like watching someone else playing an RPG full of lengthy cut scenes, in which you trek between three different locations ad nauseum. (Incidentally, the way the location names pop up accompanied by a twanging arrow sound effect is so videogamey; I keep trying to press the start button to find out where I am on the map.)

Like many videogames, it looks like it's been rush-released with too many rough edges intact. The script often sounds like a first draft in need of a polish, and some of the editing is downright bizarre, with dialogue bleeding too far into the next scene, and repeated shots of so-so stunts from a variety of angles and at different speeds, which always feels like desperate shorthand for "Look! We can afford stunts! Please be impressed!". Tonight's episode just seems to end at a weird, arbitrary junction, as though a final scene was cut at the last minute.

And Robin's archery skills are so superhuman, there's no sense of peril; when he gets into a tight spot, you know he'll simply do something impossible with his arrows, then smugly waggle his eyebrows around like Robbie Williams. And he's too young. The repeated references to him spending "five years away" fighting in the holy land are supposed to imbue him with gravitas, but instead make you think he must've still been a foetus when he set out.

The remaining cast largely consists of people who look distractingly like other people; Marian looks like Rachel Weisz, Much resembles a cross between Paul Giamatti and Leigh Francis, and Alan-A-Dale could easily play Alun Armstrong's son (largely because he is).

Despite the avalanche of flaws, I can't bring myself to entirely hate Hood '06: Grand Theft Sherwood because a) I suspect it'll improve and b) it does have intermittent flashes of thumping good Saturday night fun about it, even if they are few and far between.

Robin should be able to properly kill people though. I know it's pre-watershed, but the bloodless A-Team panto-fighting is ridiculous. This is Ye Olden Days! Life was brutal! And if we don't see an arrow puncturing an eyeball before the end of the series, I'll be furious. … 05,00.html



Bobby написал(а):

And he's too young

The youth is a lack which disappears in the course of time.  :) The command of  ROS was young also. But, probably, in a new film a youth is  lack which cannot be corrected.   :( Robin -  is a nestling.

In a serial there are comical fights a pantomime? Magic arrows without Herne's  presence?  :)

I have  have not found out anything  new from this review. I feel grief and insult.  :(



don't mind historical inaccuracy or updating of shows, but there should be some point to changing around stories and some thought to it as well; this one just alters things, chucks them on the screen and then hopes they will make sense. I have a hard time believing anyone would enjoy this: it's neither action packed, well-written, well-acted (with a couple of exceptions), nor fun to watch.

Robin's 'acting' is appalling and worst of all he has zero charisma: you can't imagine people following him to the nearest tavern for a pint of whatever ale they drank in ye olde Englande, let alone into the woods to live a life of outlawery. Marion has been reduced to a shrew who can only berate Robin while doing little of use due to her dear old dad, who only seems to exist to render her character particularly useless. The only one with charisma is Guy of Gisborne and while I love a good villain, it is a bit of a problem for a show called 'Robin Hood' when Guy is more interesting than Robin.

If they can't write they should at least throw more action on the screen to ensure we don't have to hear their excruciating dialogue. And where did the budget for this show go? The catering van? Because so far it just looks rather cheap.



The RoS fans write:

The good thing about this new Series is that it made me all
nostalgic and so I went and watched Robin & the Sorceror again -
Now, you have to allow for the changes in television etc but RoS
still has that attraction, spirit & ability to affect...
With this new series we have a horse designed by commitee - It's
carefully PC and sticks religiously to BBC guidelines so as not to
risk the offence of anyone, anywhere... even death is now censored!

The attention to detail in dear old RoS means that Loxleys
motivation for becoming who he is is never in question, even by
the end of 'The Sorceror' we see the deaths of the two rather
forgettable 'merries' is not glossed over but instead the impetus to
carry on - Ros Is crammed full of this memorable dialogue, memorable
characters and very capable distinct actors. There's so much going
for it as a series it will never die.

With this new series there is no driving vision, no soul. No one
with their own ethos as it is all in the hands of executives and
drama personnell sticking to tried & trusted guidelines and
following the party line from BBC high ups.



Also the peasants all seem to be bored stiff and unmotivated, one
raking the same few strands of hay for some minutes! With RoS, Esta
Charkham had all the extras doing stuff and making up names and
occupations for themselves so they felt more involved. That's the
difference. Good direction.

Nottingham Hall is pretty spotless. Who's their cleaner?

Marion at times looks quite ugly, with her large square jaw. She's
also too vocal obviously not aware of the women's inferior role in
Medieval Society.

Gizzy is not unattractive, yet only by comparison with the rest of
the cast who are fair to plain ugly. His acting seems stunted somehow
and he's trying to do a Sean Bean.

I don't like any of the characters. I just don't know which merrie
man is which, apart from Robin and John. I just know Much is trying
to do a Samwise Gamgee, "I love you Mr Frodo!"

Apparently the BBC official site has taken off all the negative
comments from their board.

And the music? Strange choice for a supposedly comtemporary piece.
It's very 1970's "hero hour."



Several days ago I saw the first part of a serial.
I have been surprised, because Robin looks not so poorly, predictably.

Sir  Guy looks furious and frightening. I am afraid to look at him. He is awful.

The sheriff makes silly acts and looks disgustingly.

The plot represents plagiarism from various films about  Robin Hood.
The monent on the area with the gallows and Robin improbable, silly and disgusting.
The beginning completely is copied from the ROS.

I was not disappointed, because I did not wait for anything good from this film.



Hi peeps! (hope you still know me though I'd been absent for soooo long)

sorry for neglecting you such a long time but I simple couldn't find the time to come here  :( . RL kept me very busy and since the new series started I had four messageboards to attend to plus several livejournals to read and unfortunately a day has only 24 hours  :wacko2: ..... I hope you can forgive me.... :blush:

But let's come straight to the point....

As I can see so far you obviously don't like this new take on the legend of Robin Hood. And I even agree with you in some points!

Let me take a look at the several issues  (I have seen ep. 1-6 so far) :

the writing:
Very varying I think. There are some really good episodes (e.g. 4 and 6) and some very poor ones (e.g. 1 and 2). This obviously has something to do with the different writers for this series. Some of them seem to get a grip on the story and others simply don't  :P .

the costumes:
Let me put it this way  ;) : very refreshing  :D
I like the fact that they don't care too much about being accurate with them but completely go way over the top with some things; esp. Marian dresses and some costumes worn by peasants struck me a bit odd from time to time.

the extras/supernumeries and the supporting cast:
Very bad and even ridiculous in some episodes  :rolleyes: : e.g. Dan Scarlett in Ep. 1 or the mother of the boy who got shot down in ep. 3
But they also can be surprisingly good sometimes: e.g. the taxman in Ep. 6 or the slave-trader from Ep. 5!!

But now let's come to the main characters  :D :

Disliked him very much in the beginning! too young, too wimpy and his grinning all the time annoyed me the most.
But after 6 episodes I have to admit he starts to grow on me. Esp. in quiet and darker moments he seems to put down his mask of cheekiness and lightheadedness and one starts to see that there is more to him than one had thought at first.

I looooooooooove Much!!! He is such a laugh!!! :lol:  With his behaviour I completely understand that some people don't like him. He is very much a Love or Hate character. But I disagree with some comments about the resemblance to Sam with LotR. In fact I hate everything about these Hobbit storyline in that film esp. the Frodo/Sam relationship!!!  :threaten: . But I lovelovelove the Robin/Much shipping in this new series! It's so cute and so inspiring for lots of slashfic writers as I observed on several boards and livejournals  :D .

I like this new take on her character. Esp. that she doesn't like Robin from the beginning and that she wants to be independent from any man and tries to do her own thing (very much the career girl  :cool: ). Of course over time she will get into deep trouble with such behaviour as we could already see in ep. 4...
But she really should do something about her wardrobe  :/  !!! It is not that I dislike all her clothes. E.g. the white dress she wore at the archery contest was very gorgeous! And a bit less eyeliner would do her good too  :rolleyes:

Little John:
Well, what can I say? A man of few words but very good for quoting  :lol: . My personal favorite LJ quote so far: "Taxes, we do not like!!!" . Yes, you are right mate!!
LJ is not my fav character in any adaption of RH so I don't care too much if he has lots of screentime or not  :cool2:

Allan A Dale:
My other (more manly ;) )  favourite outlaw!!! Gosh, he looks smashing! I just wish he had more scenes with no shirt on (Yes, I am that shallow  :blush: )!

Will Scarlett:
"the quiet one" as I call him. But very useful with his DIY skills! Another plus: He looks quite cute (but way too young for me  :D )

What a pity he has been killed off already. I so much loved his sarcasm and cynism!!! Esp. to Robin ("lavander boy"  :lol: )!!!

Very, very good idea to put a female in the gang!!! And such an intelligent one who has such ready wit!!! Love her character! :)

And now let's move on to the dark side .... buahahaha (<-- evil laughter).... the baddies!!!   :clapping: 

The Sheriff:
My absolute favourite character of this adaptation!!! Yes he is evil and panto  and so much over the top sometimes but I love him for being so! And one of the best to get great quotes from!!! He is one of the reasons why I love watching this! Absolutely hilarious!!! :lol:

Sir Guy:
OMG! He is sooo fearsome and sexy at the same time!  good.gif
During the first 3 episodes he just seemed to be the cold-blooded killer but when he started to develope some feelings for Marion and tries (with not much success obviously) to woo her he makes me feel very uncomfortable!!!  I never thought Richard would be able to make me feel so when I see him on screen. But as it seems he simply must be a great actor coz he is able to make me dislike his character  :O  (but find him very sexy nonetheless.... <-- logic of women, you see  :rolleyes: ).

In summary I can ascertain that I quite like this new series so far notwithstanding all its flaws and  ridiculousnesses. It is just fun to watch.
And as it is mainly aimed at children I think it does its job very well!

And now feel free to blow my opinion into little bits ;) ! (but please try to be gentle with me  :blush2: )

I will try to come back and discuss this all further with you but I can't promise to do so regularly coz I don't have the time atm, as I stated above.



Hi ghostinthefog!
I am glad to see you again! :give_rose:

Unfortunately, I didn't look this new film for the personal reasons. I saw only some episodes, read responses.
The main reason of that I cannot accept it - absolute unreality. Why film for children should be silly and ridiculous?
The BBC promised a historical drama. We see a farce. :(
I saw suits, I heard speech of heroes.  :O
All this has no attitude to  Robin and to 12 century.  :rtfm:

Any of heroes does not inspire trust. With one of them I would not go to fight.  no.gif
They look, as actors from cheap buffoonery.  :mad:

Sir  Guy. By responses, he to care of general hatred to himself and he does not overlook to emphasize and remind associates, that the villain.
I since the childhood don't love unequivocal images.
Robin more convincing and alive.

As a whole, all this looks as inept plagiarism.

We are brought up and spoilt other films.
Carpenter wanted to see the Middle Ages in еyes of heroes. Heroes of the ROS were alive, they and now alive and true.
They till now cause disputes.

Can be, women see something another in similar films. Beautiful appearance, sexuality. The actor should be attractive, I agree. But the вeauty it only a small part of success.
I don't see sense in this film. I don't see a life. I see fashion parade and competition of beauty.
Richard and Lussy are in the lead. :fans:

Unique plus of a serial is music. 

I hope, we can continue discussion when Milka   will express opinion.  She saw six series.



ghostinthefog :fans:

Thanks you have found time to visit us!
I understand you have no  free time, I'm very glad you again with us. :fans:

Now about film.

I looked six series. First three series I looked very attentively.
I think, actors have not understood, that they do.  :(
I don't like the script, it has many discrepancies and not clear moments.
I don't like  a stage of fight, they are absolutely unreal.
I don't understand, why Robin's gang  do not pursue after they leave for a gate?
I do not love clothes. Marian has beautiful a dress, but do not meet to an epoch.
I don't like   peasants who are dressed in striped shirts.
I don't like   a lot of cosmetics on women.
I think, in film it is a lot of nonsense.
Characters do not meet to an epoch. I not the historian. I understand, it is cinema, instead of the textbook, but it is a lot of anachronisms, and they prevent to perceive an event.


Marian-feminist. She tries to participate in a political life. She is very self-confident and dangerous.


I love his smile and humour.

Sir  Guy of me has disappointed. he severe, malicious, is not able to find a way to female heart (very strange).

The sheriff is too comical in my opinion.

Scarlet. The actor nice very much.

I think, founders of this serial have mixed all films about  Robin and have made not clear mix.
They use elements of the ROS, but badly carry out it.

Film is similar to game in  Robin Hood. I can perceive it, as a joke, as role game.
I don't think, that the young generation will love this serial as we love the ROS



Good morning Milka and Bobby (and all the other who might read this)!!! :bye:

Just a short reply this time:

The BBC obviously never wanted to try to make a historical accurate series (unlike RoS).
On the contrary: They said from the beginning (as you can find in several press articles) they wanted to make a version of the old legend with a contemporary feel to it and even a bit of street style. And from what I have seen so far viewers got what it said on the tin.... the question is if one likes it or not. I for my part (and a lot of other people) like it but others don't.

I agree with you about some of the costumes. They are quite bizarre sometimes.  :haha:  But some of them fit the style of the whole series and I don't mind too much. Other things (heavy make-up, striped t-shirts etc.) makes me go: "Huh? Whats that???". But I started to believe the producers did all this deliberately (as some kind of joke) and not because they didn't know better. Again a question of personal taste. Some people don't mind others hate it  :yes: .
The fights are sometimes very stagy and unbelieveable but I have seen some good ones too (e.g. ep. 6).

When it comes to the characters I agree with some of the things you pointed out but not all of them.
As I said before I like Marians character very much. Yes, she is very feminist and tries to stay independent and that is all so historical incorrect but I don't care. I wanted exactly a Marian like this!

The sheriff is very comical (and I like that) but very menacing and cruel too. So I think he is doing a great job. But I know there are several people who don't like him (most of them because they just don't like Keith Allan  :P ).

With Sir Guy it is a bit more difficult. He is a nasty bastard but when it comes to Marian he starts to "melt" . I like the way Richards portrays this character. I find Sir Guy repellent and appealing at the same time. Really strange in fact   :swoon:  !
And from people I know and forums/livejournals I have read I think one can say that he IS able to find the way to women's hearts  ;) . This of course does not include Marians heart but that is understandable...

Alltogether I can say that I like the way this version tries to tell the legend in a new way (and doesn't take itself too seriously). And from the viewing figures it seems some 5-6 million other people like it too. In fact the BBC seems to be pleased with the figures they start to think about commissioning a second series. good.gif



Hi ghost!

I cannot perceive it as a joke because to me it isn't ridiculous.
In this serial there is a claim for historicity. If heroes have been dressed in modern clothes, I would not have any objections.
I am prevented by the stages of the ROS pulled out from a context in this serial.
I am prevented by suits. A problem that it sees young generation. Young people will think, that the legend of  Robin looks, as shown in the screen. Here there is a mix of the Middle Ages and the present, and not the best.
As I did not see film, I can not speak about characters much. Marians Feminism  does not cause my objections.  :)
I could accept an image of sir Guy, if Richard has ceased to remind everything, that he is  a nasty bastard
I know, such image is pleasant to women. Means, has the right to existence.  ;)
The sheriff parodies Nicolas Gras's game.  :drag:



ghostinthefog написал(а):

But I can assure you Richard is able to change the look on his face completely from one moment to another. You can look at two different scenes of the same movie and will get the impression you see two completely different people!!! He is really amazing!

i think you are right ghost. I dont think that i'll be able to see new series of RoS soon but i'll make sure to see them in the future and whatever the script is, i'm pretty sure Richard is doing his best.

Andromeda написал(а):

@ Cathy:
I have to agree with you - you can't judge about Richard just from looking at his pictures. Most of the ladies from our board would agree. Almost none of us did fell for him just from seeing pictures. And you're totally right: being handsome is not enough! But Richard is such an amazing actor that I know he will make a very convincing Guy (no matter what kind of person this Guy is going to be). If you want to see Richard in "action" (and one really must, the pictures just don't do it), especially in something very different to North & South

North and South is an amazing movie. I DO agree with you guys that Richard Armitage is an extremely talented actor. Surely he's handsome but i wouldnt have cared if he wouldnt been able to play so greatly. i'm not much into movies like "Pride and Prejudice" so i took time before i finally watched "North and South" but i didnt regret. Sorry for talking about this here, but i really have to honor his talent. You were completeltly right - the one should see him in action to judge. He makes the audience feel for his character and he can think in the shot which is so rare. bravo! i hope he didn't disapoint you with Sir Guy. I surfed through some comments about the RoS and it seemed to me that people are not quite happy about the movie, especially the new "Robin team". I can judge only from pictures cause my internet connection is low and i can't download anything to judge myself. But i really hope that Richard did his best cause i'm very grateful to him for such a great character that he delivered in the "North and South".

p.s.And by the way i DO agree that the final scene between John and Margaret is one of the most romantic scenes i've ever seen, and on my humble opinion it's only Richard's merit. I'm taking off my hat before him. I have never ever seen anything comparable to such play before. He managed to combine the precision of the jeweller, intuition and a great artist's art into a minute scene. His play of this scene was beyond praises, so fine and mouving.  :give_rose: I only wish him more great roles. I'm sorry for being off topic but i really had to come back to this and make sure you know i admit he is a brilliant actor.

Отредактировано Cathy (2006-12-08 12:58:42)



@ Cathy

I'm so glad that you took the opportunity to take a look at "North+South"!!! Even more so as you are not into costume dramas like P+P.

And I am even more glad that you liked it so much! I totally (and naturally ;) )agree with you about Richard (and the rest of the cast) doing a fantastic job in this wonderful piece of TV!!! And it is still his best piece of work  up to today IMO.

Though I am very intrigued by his characterisation of GoG too! He's playing him as such a brutish bully but still so very insecure and vulnerable and so much manipulated by either the Sheriff or Marian (or both) , and of course very much drawn to the "dark side" by his own desires for property and power!

I am now eagerly waiting for a Guy/Marian kissing scene and the next episode seems to be quite promising in that department!  :D



ghost, i would say even more. first of all i didn't have any intention to watch the new RoS (not because i love dearly the RoS with Michael Praed but because i just wasnt interested much) but now i think i'm willing to watch it because of Richard. although i should wait for the DVD to come out (if it's going to happen at all) cause i havent got the BBC1 channel here in NZ. the more i think about North and South, the more i appreciate it (and i think i'm going to rent it again to savour this masterpiece and characters :yes:  i-m_so_happy: ) and think that he's able to play greatly whatever the script is. he's got a gift and he's such an intelligent guy. I'm really intrigued about his Gisburne. And walking the edge with combining vulnerable emotions and brutality at the same time as you said might be an enormosly interesting work. Sir Guy as a brutish bully? Very interesting. I've noticed this ability to combine opposite emotions at the same moment and shot in N&S and was fascinated with it. I'm too old to become a fan lol but i'm old enough to appreciate his art and passion for the profession. Thank you for advising me N&S, it's going to become one of my favorite movies ever. And i'm looking forward to watch the new RoS. how the rest of the cast is doing there on your opinion?



No, I can't see this film. From the first moment, where unknown man wants to kill dear and the guards unexpectedly (!!!) appear near him. I don't like these dresses, don't like these empty conversations, don't like the subject, that is really absence of subject. There is no the legend, no England. Some indeterminate country, some indeterminate epoch. Alack!
But now I understand the real worth of "Robin Of Sherwood", even the episodes with Jason. :)

Отредактировано Nasir (2006-12-27 18:22:12)



Whether it seems to you, we assimilate to grumbling old men?  :) We know true?
I wish to trust, that we know. Good film forces to love that it illustrates. It forces to experience and trust in an event.
I didn't look and I'll not look this new film. There is quite enough descriptions.  :(
Fans of actors can, and will think out for certain the variants, to explain inexplicable acts of heroes, but what value of product? Here the subject is secondary. The main thing - presence of favourite actors. But should be on the contrary.
Really, absence of a subject, absence of sense and a core, I can see in descriptions.
It is sad,  similar films are created. Hence, there are the people, ready to look similar films..
As to real value " Robin Of Sherwood ", for me it was obvious always.   :)



Сообщения на русском языке перенесены  Робин Гуд 2006



In many stories Robin's nemesis is the Sheriff of Nottingham. In the oldest legends, this is merely because a sheriff is an outlaw's natural enemy,[2] but in later versions, the despotic sheriff gravely abuses his position, appropriating land, levying intolerable taxation, and unfairly persecuting the poor. In some tales the antagonist is Prince John, based on John of England, seen as the unjust usurper of his pious brother Richard. In the oldest versions surviving, Robin Hood is a yeoman, but in some versions he is said to have been a nobleman, the earl of Loxley (Locksley), who was unjustly deprived of his lands.[3] Sometimes he has served in the crusades, returning to England to find his lands pillaged by the dastardly sheriff.

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Robin Hood has turned in notable in a late versions of a legend. It is doubtful.  :fie:

Besides  earl of Loxley (Locksley) - the invented character  because Loxley is a one small village.  :)  There was a minimum two villages with this name. One in Yorkshir, another in Nottinghamshire.



how about serving in crusades? i've never heard of it. thought it was coming only from scripts of BBC



Well, Robin was captured and imprisoned in Jerusalem, and he was there on crusade! So yeah, that's a pretty well-known motive, in fact.